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Thursday morning: Data Science for Processes and Control

Findeisen talk
Rolf Findeisen's presentation

Findeisen talk
Panel 5
Discussion panel: Andrew Allman, University of Michigan; Xiaonan Wang, Tsinghua University / National University of Singapore; Rolf Findeisen, Technische Universität Darmstadt; session chair Ali Mesbah, University of California Berkeley.

Thursday lunch
Thursday lunchThursday lunch

Thursday afternoon: Past and Future of PAML, including Education and Workforce Development. 

Hedengren talk
John Hedengren's presentation
Panel 6
Panel 6
Discussion panel: Warren Seider, University of Pennsylvania; John Hedengren, Brigham Young University; Venkat Venkatsubramanian, Columbia University; session chair: Eva Sorensen, University College London.

Thursday evening: Banquet and Summation

Your organizing team: Carla Datanagan (UC Davis), Phil Westmoreland (North Carolina State), Leo Chiang (Dow), Ahmet Palazoglu (UC Davis).
Organizing team

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