There are two afternoon poster sessions on Wednesday, August 7 and Thursday, August 8. All posters will be put up for BOTH poster sessions. Contact Authors with an odd poster ID number will present their posters on Wednesday and those with an even poster ID will present on Thursday. Refreshments will be served during these sessions.

The detailed poster lists are provided here. Note that the poster presenter is in bold.

Poster Format

  • The maximum poster display size will be: Width = 47 in (119 cm) and Height = 46 in (117 cm).  
  • Please use one of the two poster templates provided. You may reduce the width or height.

    Standard Poster Template

    Alternate Poster Template after Morrison

  • There is a useful video about the Morrison approach at this link: Morrison Approach
  • All posters will be listed in the program and on the poster boards by their original Submission Number, which should be printed in the upper left corner of the poster.
  • The poster boards will be double-sided with TWO posters per poster-board side. This translates into FOUR posters per board. The poster boards will be on stands.
  • Use lightweight materials. Pushpins must be able to hold your poster when mounted to the board. Pushpins will be provided.

Display Instructions

  • Mount your poster at its numbered location on Wednesday morning, and leave it mounted until the 1:00 p.m. on Friday. At that time, it must be removed. Any poster not removed by the contact author will be removed by the hotel staff and not returned.
  • Be present to answer questions about your poster during the Wednesday poster session if your Submission Number is odd -- or during the Thursday poster session if it is even.
  • Tables, chairs, and electrical will NOT be provided for the posters.
  • You must bring your posters ready for display. The conference does not provide printing services.

We have found an online service that specializes in scientific poster printing. This resource has been used by attendees with very good results. The website is called

Instructions for Special Issue Manuscript Submission

May 22, 2019

  1. Each extended abstract should be between 2 to 3 pages.
  2. Go to the electronic submission form below that will allow you to fill out required fields.
  3. On the form, there is a BRIEF summary (text only). The body of the summary should be no more than 300 words. Place your summary in the text box provided. Do NOT include the title and author info in the summary text field.
  4. Upload a copy of your abstract (PDF files only), which you should associate with a keyword from the list:
    • Process Monitoring and Diagnostics
    • Process Design/Optimization
    • Process Control
    • Planning/Scheduling/Supply Chain/Operations
    • Computational Chemistry/Biology/Materials
    • Applications
    • Education
  5. Immediately after online submission, you will be notified that your abstract has been received successfully. Please contact Robin Craven, the Conference Manager, if you should have any questions or problems with your abstract submission.
  6. The authors of all accepted abstracts will be invited to submit a manuscript to the special issue on Process Analytics and Machine Learning. The deadline for this special issue will be August, 10 through the CACE website. Instructions will be provided at a later date.

To obtain a MS Word template for your submission, please click here: Template. A LaTex version is not available, but you may create your own if desired.

Please find below the instructions to submit your journal manuscript to the FOPAM Special Issue of Computers and Chemical Engineering (CACE):

  1. Go to the journal’s website:
  2. Format your manuscript according to the instructions in the “Guide for Authors” on the website
  3. Click on the “Submit Your Paper” link at the website
  4. Click on “My Author Tasks”
  5. Click on “Start New Submission”
  6. Select “VSI:FOPAM2019” from the dropdown menu under “Enter Manuscript Information”
  7. Proceed to follow the instructions on the website

The editorial and review process will be handled following the same practices as other journal manuscripts submitted to the Computers and Chemical Engineering Journal. The special issue editor is Venkat Venkatasubramanian.

The deadline to submit your CACE manuscript is Sunday, November 10.

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